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Freedom Yoga Chiang Mai is dedicated to creating good vibes, a relaxed atmosphere and a strong community of people who are interested in exploring happiness, healthiness and personal growth.

We offer various styles of Yoga classes in Chiang Mai, in our refurbished Thai style Studio. Our classes run daily at 10:00am and 6pm and we run regular workshops dedicated to improving and better understanding specific areas of your yoga practice. our class schedule caters to both beginner and experienced students alike and Our Teachers are highly experienced, supportive and genuinely want to see your practice improve and grow.

We are also proud to offer a variety of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies all made from fresh local produce and without any added nasty’s, made on request for you to enjoy in our chilled out garden or to take away with you. We are hidden down a small soi only 5 minutes from Chiang Mai famous Thapae Gate, we’re conveniently located for traveler and locals alike… just follow the green signs and you will find us! Come and join the bustling Chiang Mai Yoga community at Freedom Yoga.

We are now open with daily classes at 10am and 6pm!

For more info please check out our class schedule and about us page.

Our Yoga Classes


We understand that the ideal yoga for some, may not be the ideal yoga for others. we have a wide variety of class styles to suit the wide variety of people come to Chiang Mai.

Class Schedule

yoga Class schedule

We have daily yoga classes running every day at 10:00am and 6:00pm. Suitable for all levels, Check out our detailed schedule for more info

Yoga Beginner Course

Beginner Yoga Chiang Mai

A Beginner Yoga Workshop geared towards giving beginner Yogi’s the fundamental skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy and progress in their yoga practice.


So why practice Yoga?

The short answer is simply because practicing yoga makes you feel good. A small yoga practice every morning can do wonders for your daily life; it is both calming to for the mind while at the same time vitalizing for the body. Joining us for a short morning practice has the power to keep you grounded, present and focused so that you can not only enjoy but also make the most of the day ahead.

Yoga has so many benefits that it has become difficult to list them all, but here are a few to consider.

There are physical benefits such as relief from back pain, sciatica and many other physical conditions, lower body fat, improved strength, stamina, flexibility and muscle tone.

Then there are the more subtle benefits such as, improved control of the mind, reduced tension or stress, stimulation of the senses etc.

Yoga was originally developed in India about 5000 or so years ago as a spiritual practice, but since has evolved and developed into different styles, with different teachers and into different parts of the world. So much so that many people have forgotten or do not know its real origins anymore.

According to the early yogis, true happiness, liberation and enlightenment comes from union with the divine consciousness that is present deep within each of us waiting to be discovered. The practice of yoga was a means for reaching the divine consciousness by using postures breathing techniques and mindfulness to purify the mind, body and spirit so that the yogi can attain union.

Yoga is not about self-absorption. Yoga is about being in the world. Although most books, videos and websites focus on yoga postures, breathing and meditation, the tradition also emphasizes love, compassion, knowledge and right action as paths toward union.

Whether you pursue yoga as a spiritual path or for its psycho-physiological benefits, yoga is a methodology for developing a deeper experience of yourself and the world.

And don’t forget it makes you feel really…really good.

When it comes to Yoga Chiang Mai offers the perfect setting of beauty and tranquility

So Come and pay us a visit for your daily dose of yoga, we offer a flexible program with something to suit everyone. From traditional Hatha yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Workshops, Private Classes and Community classes.


Private Classes

there is no doubt that private yoga classes are become more and more popular. whether learning the foundations, or working on problem areas, there is no better way to learn and improve than spending 1 on 1 time with an experienced teacher.


Meditation is along with asana and pranayama in one of the core practices of yoga. It is often understood that yoga asana (postures) were developed and practiced as a means to aid and prepare the physical body for long bouts of meditation.

Freedom Juice Bar

Our onsite juice bar offers a wide variety of super healthy juices and super smoothies to bring you back to life! available before and after classes and throughout the day!