Freedom Yoga Chiang Mai.

We are a new yoga studio in the beautiful city of Chiang Mai Thailand.We love yoga, we love to see people enjoy and grow from yoga, and we love to teach yoga.When we say yoga we are not only referring to the physical aspect of yoga knows as poses or Asana, but also the spiritual concept that is yoga.

Yes yoga can give you a strong, flexible and toned body, it can help with back pain, sciatica and countless other ailments, but this is only a small part of what yoga truly has to offer, it goes much deeper than solely the physical benefits that may meet the untrained eye.

Yoga is a stepping stone to a life of fulfillment, mindfulness and presence, and once you begin down this path it is not likely you will turn back. We love to introduce people to yoga and show them what it is all about, especially in our Yoga Beginner Course Chiang Mai

As experienced yogis will know, yoga asana is only the tip of the iceberg. Designed to prepare us for the deeper levels of spirituality and consciousness. But for some this alone is enough to make drastic positive changes in life and to begin a journey down the path of yoga.

In our opinion every person that brings yoga into their life is another small step towards the evolution of human consciousness.

Hopefully we haven’t scared you off yet

Our main goal and purpose at Freedom Yoga Chiang Mai is to create and environment for these changes and this growth to take place. A space where everyone is welcome to practice yoga freely at their own level and feel free to let go without the judgments and pressures of the outside world constantly weighing on us.

Whether you are in Chiang Mai for a day, a week or a 6 months, please pay us a visit