“Playing With Fire”

Monday November 15th 12pm – 2:30pm

Playing With Fire Chiang Mai

Issues with concentration? Lacking Energy? Finding it hard to break away from negative thought patterns? Perhaps you can feel that there is something bigger than what you see in front of you every day but you’re having difficulty bringing  it to the surface?

Part 1 – Meditation and Pranayama

In this workshop we will be experimenting with different types of concentration exercises and techniques that aim at focusing the mind and narrowing the thoughts to become one pointed. Thus allowing us to focus all of our energy and concentration on any goal or aspiration we seek without unwanted distractions.

We will be experimenting with different types of Pranayama (rhythmic breath control) for different situations. Pranayama’s techniques for quick energy and release, and pranayama techniques for calming the nervous system and allowing deep focus to come into the mind.

Part 2 – Asana

The Asana part of this workshop will be a Structured and powerful hatha flow, leading to an exploration of a variety of backbends and inversions to open the chest and heart centre, and a series of inversion aimed at strength and stillness when in a fearful situation.

Sparking your goal with fire!

Setting an intention will be a big focus of the workshop and using fire to burn away blockages that may stand in your way.

This workshop runs for 3 hours:

1 hour will be focused on Meditation, Pranayama and concentration techniques.

1.5 Hours will be a challenging Asana practice designed to deepen concentration even further whilst burning away blockages of negativity and fear.

The Final 30 minutes of this workshop will be a guided closing meditation


Pricing and Inquiries:

THB-800 per person

limited spaces available, Please inquire for bookings: