Power and Precision 

2 Day Workshop November 26-27th Chiang Mai Thailand

Power and Precision Chiang Mai November 26-27 @ Freedom Yoga

This is a 2-day workshop that explores the relationship between precise and detailed actions in the body and a sense of being focused and clear in the mind. For many, this presents a much easier method for bringing our attention into the present moment than a traditional meditation practice.

Day 1: Align with Precision

Getting precise with alignment has a number of benefits. First of all, it requires a great deal of body awareness, but it also is the way to develop that awareness, so it is both the path and the goal. Even when we become tuned into our bodies at a very subtle level, training is still required to learn how to control different parts of the body. Secondly, practicing with alignment is much safer. Since most yoga classes are too fast to go into detail about how to do the poses safely and intelligently, and this kind of focused exploration becomes paramount for anyone looking to build a solid foundation or deepen their understanding.
In particular, day 1 will focus on certain alignment principles from Anusara Yoga that provide us with a great deal of stability and power. These are principles of Muscular Energy and Organic Energy. Muscular Energy is all about gathering in our strength into our core and Organic Energy radiates that power back out through the arms and legs and up through the spine. In other words, it’s all about getting strong first, and then getting long.

Day 2: The Power of Action

The concept of a pose is somewhat ambiguous; everyone has a different idea of what each pose should look like and how it should be performed. It’s easy to get attached to how we think the pose is supposed to look and that causes us to stop paying attention to what we are actually doing. You can’t actually “do” a pose, you can only do actions that, when combined, create a shape, and we call that shape a pose. In order to stay focused on what we are doing, we need to become clear about what actions make up each pose.
When we are clear about the actions, we can take them one at a time. Each action presents an opportunity for one to do that action to the best of their ability. Therefore, actions give a clear strategy for reaching our potential. When an action is offered in the form of an instruction, we can then perform that action and if we have enough awareness, we can check to see if that action is being performed to the best of our ability. This way, even if we don’t know if our final pose is “good”, we can feel confident about all the steps leading up to the final pose, and at that point, we can actually let go of the appearance altogether and rest assured that we are “doing it”.
In particular, this class will focus on common actions that keep us safe and supported when exploring  more challenging poses, such as backbends, arm-balances, and inversions.



please note that there will be limited spaces available and we do recommend booking early

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