Standing Asana Workshop

Learn To stabilize and Deepen your roots. Iyengar Yoga based workshop with Sara

Everybody knows that in order to build a strong solid house, we must first prefect the foundations. Before we can begin to build upward, our foundations must be set in stone and not budge, ready to hold up the rest of the house.

This simple concept applies to yoga asana more than people may like to believe.

Think of how many standing poses there are in a yoga class… do you feel stable in each pose? Are your foundations rooted to the ground? Or do you often feel yourself losing balance, losing focus and fatiguing quickly?

In This workshop we will propose an approach to Standing Asana focusing on Body action and principles that allow you to practice safely, training your body and mind to work in union and be alert, present and focused.  We will work on Alignment and adjustment principles as a means to provide you with knowledge about how to use your body in the correct and safe way, underlying the main goal of mind body connection so that the physical body becomes a tool to train the awareness.

Standing Asana are often not understood well by students, and are quickly brushed over by teachers in order to make way for more complex poses. In this workshop we will be working through multiple standing postures keeping us strong and grounded.  Working to correct the way we stand brings benefits to our entire posture and helps us to maximize the use of our energy developing a stable and firm foundation for our entire body to feed off.

  • 3 hours workshop about standing postures
  •  Theory and practical
  •  Suitable for anyone wishing to learn
  •  500 bhat per person
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Please note that this workshop requires an advanced booking