“Touching the Deathless” Yoga Workshop

October 15th and 16th with Dali Dhamma, Chiang Mai Thailand

“Touching the Deathless”, Chiang Mai, October 15-16, 2016 @ Freedom Yoga

This workshop presents an approach that combines the practices of Thai Buddhist meditation, as taught by Venerable Ajahn Chah and Venerable Ajahn Sumedho of the Thai Forest tradition, with the physical poses of Hatha yoga. If we look at the traditional purpose for both of these two great traditions, we find the common goal to be the same. If we avoid getting tripped up on the vocabulary or perspective, we can see how they both utilize concentration and the development of other wholesome mental faculties for the purpose of realizing the ultimate truth, or the Deathless. Although this ‘Realm of the Deathless’ is beyond our ability to conceive of it, it seems to something we can touch when give ourselves over to a demanding practice.

This can be the premise for our exploration in the practice; to wake up to the way things really are, but how do we proceed?  The answer is simple, invite this intention into the hatha yoga practice and start working through the layers of the mind that cover up our knowing nature. It all starts when we turn to face these layers of ugliness and then we create space for them by allowing ourselves to be exactly as we are. From there, we can start the process of letting go of our resistance to the way things are, and the way we are, and find the natural perfection of every moment.

Day 1, Saturday, October 15, 12:00-3:00pm, “Tapas”

Tapas is a Sanskrit word which can be thought of as a sense of fiery-discipline in the practice. This class is all about burning off the layers of the mind that we don’t need anymore. Though the poses will mostly be basic/intermediate level, the invitation will be to work hard by engaging the muscles to find stability and extending through the body to find a powerful and expansive expression of the pose. The poses will be explored in depth and key alignment principles explained with demonstrations of how they work. The class is open to all, but those with some yoga experience will be more likely to survive!

What to expect: longer holds, lots of props, partner work, strong poses, lots of sweat.

Day 2, Sunday, October 16, 12:00-3:00pm, “Buddha On and Off the Mat”

This session is really a mash-up of various practices such as chanting, meditation (sitting, standing, walking, lying down), pranayama, and asana, all informed by an integrative approach to building a spiritual life from scratch and cultivating a sustainable practice to last a lifetime. Different meditation techniques will be explored, including Anapanasati, or mindfulness of breathing, the Mahasi Method of Myanmar, and Choiceless Awareness. Then at the end, we will bring it all together with a Buddhist perspective on a vinyasa practice.



Early Bird Price: (ends 1st October) 

1 session- 800Bhat        

2 sessions – 1600Bhat   

Normal Price:

1 Session – 1000Bhat    

2 Sessions – 2000Bhat

please note that there will be limited spaces available and we do recommend booking early

to make your reservation please email freedomchiangmai@gmail.com