Vegetarian in Chiang Mai

Freedom Healthy Cafe and Restauranut

Freedom Healthy Cafe and Juice Bar Chiang Mai

Freedom Healthy Cafe and Juice Bar is the perfect place to chill out, recharge and replenish your good vibes. Whether you pop in for a post yoga energy hit or simply feel like enjoying one of our freshly made juices or smoothies weve got you covered. we pride ourselves on providing the local community with a huge variety of delicious and nutritious foods and beverages. our menu boasts a large variety of healthy vegetarian and vegan food with out any added nasties, and fresh fruit and veg juices and smothies

Our beautiful outdoor garden offers food lovers a tranquil place to sit and enjoy their favorite meal and beverages in peace, with free wifi for those who feel like getting online. Here at Freedom Yoga, we truly believe that what you put in is what you get out: we are passionate about making the healthiest, most energizing food and beverages you can feed your body, mind and soul!

Vegetarian in Chiang Mai

We are extremely excited to announce that Freedom healthy cafe and restaurant is now open on the ground level below or yoga studio. We decided to compliment our juice bar by serving you a nice variety of delicious and nutritional vegetarian and vegan  food based on the concept that what you put into your body is what you get out. we will be open in the morning through to evening serving a variety of healthy breakfasts and lunches such as our super muesli mix, avocado smash, breakfast burrito. quinoa salad, veggie pesto burger and more.

we have based all of our dishes on simple home style recipes full of freshness, great taste and nutritional value that are cooked fresh when you order. we refuse to use microwaves and use as much organic and whole foods as possible.

so if you’re a vegetarian in Chiang Mai and your serious about great tasting healthy food, please pay us a visit and before yoga, after yoga, or anywhere in between to see what we have to offer.