Freedom Yoga Chiang Mai is a Small, authentic and humble yoga studio based in the ancient city of Chiang Mai Thailand. We have been blessed enough to be able to open our natural, homily and humble space to travelers from far and wide to enjoy various practices of yoga and meditation together, as well as healthy fruit juices and smoothies.

We are big believers that yoga is a about freeing ourselves from materialism and desire for worldly possessions (extravagant living) and you will feel this energy when you first enter our humble home

Adam and Ning

chiang mai yoga

Hey we are Adam and Ning, We founded Freedom yoga in 2016 and haven’t looked back since! From the early days of teaching small intimate classes to becoming one of the most popular yoga studios in Chiang Mai, we like to think that we have been able to maintain a simple and humble yoga lifestyle and we look forward to welcoming you into our humble home

Adam moved to Thailand in 2015 to start a new life. Being fed up with the materialism and consumerism that dominates society in Australia. Thailand was a fresh place to begin laying the foundations of living a simpler and more fulfilling life

Adams Classes
Adam has a variety of experience in many different styles of Yoga which have led him to discover and express his own unique teaching style. Adams classes will consist of calm clear instructions working with a deep level of awareness through out each and every movement.  this level of guidance provides his students with  the confidence and empowerment  to move outside their comfort zone and past any self-limiting beliefs.

Ning is originally from (ISAN) rural northern Thailand where her family have a farm. She came to Chiang Mai in search for a better life, originally to work as a tailor. Her passion and enthusiasm soon lead her to find out that she was a natural at practicing yoga and that she had a gift to share with others.

Nings Classes – Ning’s teaches a variety of different yoga classes, although her practice and training  originally stem from the Yoga family of ashtanga and Vinyasa. Ning believes in Waking up the subtle energies in the body through the practice of firm and strong yoga Asana. she uses yoga as a means to burn out our mental and physical impurities and activate our own inner fire (tapas). in Ning’s classes you can expect a hands on approach with great guidance and adjustments, some strong standing sequences followed by heart opening backbends, inversions,  and calming stretches 🙂

We love yoga, we love to see people enjoy and grow from yoga and we love to teach yoga. Yes yoga can give you a strong, flexible and toned body, it can help with back pain, sciatica and countless other ailments, but this is only a small part of what yoga truly has to offer, it goes much deeper than solely the physical benefits that we see on the surface level.

Yoga is a stepping stone to a life of fulfillment, mindfulness and presence, and once you begin down this path it is not likely you will turn back. We love to introduce people to yoga and show them what it is all about, especially in our Yoga Beginner Course

As experienced yogis will know, yoga asana is only the tip of the iceberg. Designed to prepare us for the deeper levels of spirituality and consciousness. But for some this alone is enough to make drastic positive changes in life and to begin a journey down the path of yoga.

In our opinion every person that brings yoga into their life and frees themselves from materialism, consumerism and the constant desire for worldly possessions is another small step towards the evolution of human consciousness.