Ashtanga Yoga Chiang Mai


Ashtanga yoga is a method of daily vinyasa flow practice using the ujjayi breathing technique, the three bandhas and drishti.
Ujjayi breathing is a technique of long and smooth slightly constricted breathing in which the breathe is used to both energize and relax the practitioner.
The three bandhas are 3 principle locks in the body used throughout the ashtanga practice. the three locks are the root lock, abdominal lock and chin lock. if practiced regularly these 3 locks can improve your yoga practice by miles!
drishti is a Sanskrit word for the gazing technique, which will help with ones focus during practise.

Ashatanga means 8 limbs, which is refers to the 8 limbs of yoga laid by the sage patanajali. Ashtanga consists of 6 different series, each yogi will progress through these series at his or her own pace. Once the first series has been mastered, under the guidance of a teacher the yogi may move to the second series. Although the first series if often challenging enough for most people to master.

Ashtanag yoga is a more intensive and athletic style of yoga, it requires discipline and loyalty from its students.

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Ashtanga yoga chiang mai

What to Expect in our Ashtanga Class

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that emphasizes the harmonic connection of breath and movement. The poses in Ashtanga are performed always in the same order, which allows students to learn the sequence and focus on the internal, meditative aspects of the practice.

In our Ashtanga classes we will teach you how to breathe in a correct way, how to connect breath and movement as well as how to do the poses with the correct methodology and alignment.  This class will use safe hands on adjustments to help you find your structural integrity in each pose along with helping to lengthen the muscles and fascia of the body while protecting all of your joints and ligaments. The class is open to all levels and will focus mainly on the primary series, however if you would like to practice the secondary series you are welcome to join.