Learn to Love Backbends

Course Date: November 25th 1-4pm


If you’re like most of us, backbends can be quite emotionally and physically challenging. They’re the opposite action of our everyday activities such as texting, driving, sitting at computers, and bending to pick up kids. Backbends are so healing partly because they reverse these habitual motions. They open up space, energize, and restore balance to our bodies and our lives.

In this 2.5 hour workshop you’ll learn how to use and integrate your muscles to keep you safe and strong in backbends. Starting with simple actions, we’ll teach you the important but usually overlooked details on how to access the upper back and how to open the front of the body with care. Then we’ll build on these basics to take you deeper into your backbends.


The Benefits of Back bends:

  • Improves flexiblilty and mobility of the spine
  • Releases tension in the back and spline
  • Re aligns and improves posture, especially for those who spend hours in front of a computer
  • Energizes and unblocks the energetic channels of the chest, heart and the spine

Back bends are probably the most misunderstood group of yoga poses, when practiced incorrectly or without intelligence they can create the sensation of tension and compression in the vertebrae of the spine, instead of length, extension, and heart opening that intelligent backbends create. If backbends are not a very popular part of your practice,  then we encourage you to join this workshop.  (hence the work shop name “learn to lovebackbends”) J  we will be working the body through intelligent openings, sequences and stretches using yoga props so that backbends become much more accessible and actually start to feel good!

Who should join: YOU! Everyone can benefit from the practice of back bends and there invigorating effects

Course Date: November 25th 1-4pm

3 Hours Teaching and Practice

800 baht per person

please reserve your space by visiting Freedom yoga or contact us via email freedomchaingmai@gmail.com  or visit or contact page