Beginner Yoga Chiang Mai

Beginner Yoga in Chiang Mai can be the perfect start for your yoga journey!

The real yoga journey begins with the deep desire to live more peacefully. Even though the majority of beginner yoga students may be totally unaware of that yearning, the thing that keeps every student of yoga returning to their mat over and over again, is the inner connection between body, breathe, mind and spirit.

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Some people start yoga to work towards the thin, flexible yoga body, others to follow an attractive significant other into a hot sweaty room, and others in search of health or healing from disease or injury. There are also a few people who initially turn to yoga as an answer to the deep confusion and chaos of life and understand it to be a spiritual path. While most students of yoga do not start their practice  for the same reasons they they ultimately continue with the practice for the same essential reason…  that yoga as a spiritual discipline that leads the way into happiness, bliss and contentment


If you are completely new to working out your body you will certainly be sore for most of your first year of practice. Learn to embrace it. A good goal to set when starting off with the physical practice of yoga is to use your yoga mat at least three times a week (up to 6) for at least a 30 minute practice. the Sun Salutations offer a perfect routine for any beginner yogi to practice in their own space at home or at work until a more confident practice can be built upon over time. This will give you a small, attainable goal that you can integrate into your life quite easily.

With the interest in yoga growing every year, one thing that often hampers an inspired student’s ability to progress is the proximity to a qualified teacher. We are located in the heart of Chiang Mai, just a 5 minute walk from Thapae Gate which means we are easily reached for most people in Chiang Mai. More and more students are practicing at home with online classes, YouTube, DVD’s and books. While this is certainly better than not practicing at all, self-study ideally paves the way for a meeting with a true teacher who will provide the concrete direction needed to move confidently along the inner path of yoga.

Beginner Yoga Chiang Mai

 Beginners Yoga Chiang Mai

Have you seen some crazy photos of people standing on one hand, or in the splits and thought… that’s not for me? this is the glamour and sparkle that sometimes accompanies yoga. weather doing the most basic asana’s or the most extreme, the results are equal. remember yoga is a life long journey, not a one off aerobics class. Start with the basics and with discipline and regular practice you will start to see and feel the benefits

We recommend you to try our beginners yoga classes here in Chiang Mai.

Leave to ego’s at the door and come with an open mind willing to learn and try something new

In This beginner yoga class, we will introduce you to the basic foundations of yoga, working through a series of physical postures to strengthen and stretch the body, both demonstrated and verbally described in detail by the instructor. We will introduce you to correct alignment so that each pose will be both beneficial and safe for you to practice. We will work on breathing and mind control, a very important aspect of yoga that if introduced at the early stages of someones yoga practice can have great positive affects. And of course the teacher will be on available to answer any of your questions before, during and after class.

We aim to make your introduction to yoga a great and positive experience

we would also recommend our Beginner Yoga Course Chiang Mai for those wishing to learn more

 Yoga Beginner Course Chiang Mai

This Yoga Beginner Course Chiang Mai is focused towards providing beginner yoga students the fundamental skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy their yoga practice safely and understand on a deeper level what yoga is, and what it can do for you.

Beginner Yoga course Chiang Mai will include:

  • Body alignment fundamentals in Asana practice
  • Sun Salutations for Vinyasa or flow classes
  • a variety of standing, seated and lying poses
  • how to correctly use yoga props
  • an introduction to yogic breath work known as pranayama
  • an introduction to yoga philosophy and how this can be applied to everyday life for greater happiness and balance
  • the course will conclude with a deeply relaxing guided meditation.

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Beginner Yoga Chiang Mai