Yoga Beginner Course Chiang Mai Thailand

November 24th and 25th 2018 1-4pm


December  15th and 16th 2018 1-4pm

yoga chiang mai thailand

Yoga Beginner Course

This Yoga introductory Course is focused towards providing beginner yoga students the fundamental skills, knowledge and confidence to enjoy their yoga practice safely, to understand on a deeper level what yoga is all about, and to grasp how practicing regularly can bring dramatic positive changes into our daily lives.

Most of us begin to become interested in yoga when we realize there is a need to change our lifestyle and habits. This realization usually occurs when we are faced with difficult life challenges, and we can feel that we are in need of a system and community that can help support and empower us through our challenges.

Perhaps this is where you are finding yourself  now, or perhaps your just becoming aware that by adding a regular yoga practice into your life, you can experience a much better state of well-being and overall health. One of the greatest and most powerful things about yoga is that any one can learn to practice.

So You’ve Decided to learn yoga

Once you decide that you want to learn yoga, many questions will arise –  questions like When?, where? what style? how often? can often feel like a challenge on their own. These are extremely important questions and considerations that as a beginner to Yoga you should have answered sooner rather than later.  We often see beginners will just try one class at a studio or on youtube and if it does not feel like a good fit based on the level of difficulty, the style or the instructor, they give up “oh, yoga is not for me.” But if you’re a beginner, how would you know what class or teacher is best for you?

This is where our Yoga Beginner course comes in. This course is directed at teaching students the basic fundamentals of yoga including both theory and practice over 2 days and suitable for complete beginners and students with some experience. We provide all students with an in depth course manual and guided videos. The course will run for 3 hours each day (total 5 hours)  giving us more than enough time to cover the following:

  • Introduction to the foundation Asanas
  • Body alignment fundamentals in Asana practice
  • Sun Salutations for Vinyasa or flow classes
  • a variety of standing, seated and lying poses
  • how to correctly use yoga props
  • an introduction to correct breathing and pranayama
  • an introduction to yoga philosophy and how this can be applied to everyday life for greater happiness and balance
  • proper understanding of the mental benefits of yoga
  • meditation and focus techniques
  • common injuries and how they can be avoided

Our main goal during this beginner course is to give you the basic tools and knowledge necessary to:

  • join group yoga classes confidently and safely
  • start a small regular Yoga and Meditation practice of your own at home
  • enjoy the benefits that yoga can bring into your life


Yoga is arguably the one of the most holistic and ancient system for spiritual, mental, physical health and well-being know to man. The principles of yoga include lifestyle choices and practices to help an individual discover and understand his or her identity and relationship with the world and to come to a place of complete harmony with all. Yoga is a complete lifestyle system, starting with Asana (poses), breathing practices, diet and meditation to bring about huge benefits on all levels, that are wholly unique to Yoga.

Yoga exercises or poses also known as “asanas” make up the foundations of the overall system of yoga that is designed for the main purpose of maintaining optimal health for all of our muscles, joints, and internal organs so that we can then focus on other higher branches of  the yoga system such as meditation, self-awareness and self-realization

Yoga and Modern Living

The truth is that throughout life every single one of us will have challenges to face and stress to deal with, this is fact of life. And in some circumstances if this stress is not dealt with in its early stages, overtime it can grow and become a powerful negative strain that affects our entire life. The good news is that we can all learn ways to effectively handle stress.  In this Workshop we will provide you with techniques, tools and practices that can be implemented regularly to help you bring a sense of peace and calm into your daily life.

Once you have a good grasp and understanding of the basics, even just practicing for fifteen to twenty minutes can make an enormous difference in how you feel and how you navigate through your day. It is truly empowering to have the tools and knowledge to take care of yourself physically and mentally, while also being able to manage the stress and tension that comes with modern day living.

We believe that only your intuition can guide you to what will work best for you, but If you have a genuine desire to better your life, then we recommend you give this Yoga Beginner course a try

this beginner yoga course will run for a 6 hours split over 2 days and is suitable for complete beginners and students with moderate experience.

Beginner Course Dates:

November 24th and 25th 2018 1-4pm


December  15th and 16th 2018 1-4pm

6 Hours Total – 1500 baht per person

please reserve your space by visiting Freedom yoga or contact us via email  or visit or contact page



Alison S Really enjoyed my practice I went for a 2-day beginner’s workshop and it was great. Adam was very good and patient and we really learned a lot. After the workshop we were treated to fresh fruit and smoothie’s. It was a wonderful experience. I would go back every day if I could!


Ryan Cameron: The studio was a great environment to learn yoga. I signed up for the beginner course here after researching many studios in Chiang Mai. Adam is a fantastic instructor with a great personality. He took the time to explain some of the philosophy and history of yoga during the course rather than just turning it into a work out session like most western studios do. He keeps his classes small so students can get the attention they need. I really appreciated this. I also signed up for a private lesson, which was well worth it. Adam helped me work on my positioning and posture during poses as well as helped me develop a routine that I could take home. I would definitely recommend this course and studio if you are in Chiang Mai.