Yoga In Chiang Mai

Starting your yoga journey in Chiang Mai can be an absolutely wonderful experience!

I still remember when I first arrived in Chiang Mai a few years back. I came on the advice of a good friend who told me he had found  hidden gem in North Thailand, a place where he could stay for months at a time if visa’s were not a problem. He strongly advised that I investigate and explore this hidden gem as soon as possible.

At first I had some serious doubts. Not being a big fan of Bangkok, I thought to myself what could make the second largest city in Thailand any different and  so special? After all Thailand is known for its tropical island’s with white sandy beaches, not for its city life. But lucky for me I took the advice and went to explore.

The Beauty of Chiang Mai

Before I knew it I was exploring down hundreds of tiny soi’s scattered through the streets of Chiang Mai astounded that this could be Thailand’s second biggest city when still I felt like I was somewhere by the beach! I visited many of the amazing temples scattered throughout the city and marveled at their architecture and beauty, sometimes sitting peacefully to watch the monks go about their daily activities in a calm almost medatative state.

After a few days and some confidence building on my Motorcycle I started doing day trips out into the surrounding mountains and countryside, visiting Doi Sutep and Doi Ithanon the two most well-known mountains in the area and exploring other natural wonders like waterfalls and natural hot springs way off the beaten tracks.

It seemed I to had fallen victim to… The Rose of the North

Still quite unkown to many travelers, who prefer the sunny beaches of Thailand’s southern islands, Chiang Mai has so much to offer and seems to attract more so the people who like to avoid the high end tourism of South and many solo travelers on their personal journey of discovery.

The Chiang Mai Effect

Although the city can become busy and noisy at times, Chiang Mai never seems to lose its charm and uniqueness. And as many people can agree, its seems to bring a peaceful and tranquil vibe upon its visitors opening them to a slow paced quiet lifestyle that more often than not starts to spark interest in Yoga, meditation, qi gong,  thai chi and other spiritual practices, which by no coincidence at all, are all available to practice and learn in here Chiang Mai

It seems Chiang Mai has slowly become a hub for all of these spiritual practices, and to be honest you cannot go wrong here. There are some very good Yoga studios and there are even better Yoga teachers. Experienced  teachers who don’t just practice yoga for the 1 or 2 hours they spend on their yoga mat, but teachers who continue to practice yoga when off the mat through their day to day lives dedicated to spreading their experiences and positivity with others.

I remember doing my first Yoga in Chiang Mai and thinking to m self “ahhh so this is real yoga” I loved it. I found that Yoga in the western world can be extremely exercised based rushing through the asanas as if the faster you went the better it was and completely missing the spiritual side of the practice all together. It was not until I started my Yoga in Chiang Mai that I really started to learn and progress to the point where I felt I needed to be able to practice yoga on my own without the guidance of a teacher. This led me down the path or learning to teach yoga in India which is a story for another day J

Have a Go!

So if you are visiting Chiang Mai and you are even just remotely interested in yoga, meditation, qi gong, thai chi, reiki or any other spiritual practices I urge you take some time to slow down and explore that interest and see what it might come from it.

Try something new, change your mindset and change what you thought you knew. After all you’re in the perfect place for it