Bottoms Up Inversion workshop

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This inversion workshop is based on all things inverted!! From headstand to handstand, forearm stand to shoulder stand and all variations in between, you will be given the step by step keys to unlocking the strength and awareness these postures require from us to include them in our daily practice.

From warm-up and maintenance exercises to tips and tricks for building strength, we will explore new ways of moving your body through space.

Explore your own practice in a safe and comfortable environment while challenging your boundaries. Explore your capability to be unsteady, to fall and get back up, and maybe… just maybe fly for a few seconds.

Note: Partnering, assisting, and wall support will be used

Who Should Join:  YOU! Those new to the inversion practice will learn tips and trick for building strength in their everyday practice, while also learning to remain calm and balanced while upside down. Experienced students may find targeted strengthening allows for breakthroughs they’ve been missing as well as an opportunity to try new transitions and sequences to their inversion practice.

Why Turn Upside Down?

Inversions are wonderful for defying gravity, improving circulation, energizing the body, challenging the mind, and building confidence.

Even though you will feel your heart beat faster, inversions rest the heart and promote more efficient exchange of gases in the lungs.

On mental and emotional levels, inversions help you to overcome fear, trust your own abilities and try new things, all lessons that can be applied to everyday life

Course Date: November 18th 12-3pm

3 Hours teaching and practice

800 Baht per person

please reserve your space by visiting Freedom yoga or contact us via email  or visit or contact page