Mastering Yin yoga – A Full Day Immersion

December 8th 2018

Join Yan, our Yogi Doctor, on a full one day Yin Yoga Immersion to unravel this deeply therapeutic practice. For many of us highly active, go go go, type A personalities and yogis, this course will shine a much needed light on the importance of getting to know the other side of the coin… which is essentially vital for ultimate harmony and balance in our practice, ourselves and our lives. Learn how to completely restore the physical body, subtle energy and mind through the practice of Yin Yoga.

Complete beginners, experienced yogis and teachers hoping to branch out into Yin Yoga will find this day extremely informative and an in depth introduction to Yin Yoga.

We will discuss the background and philosophy behind Yin Yoga, elucidate Yin yoga anatomical theory and clarify the correct approach to practice. We will workshop Yin Yoga postures, variations and modifications, and demonstrate the importance and art of effective propping. We will also have two Yin Yoga practice sessions to begin and end the day, targeting different areas of the body. Those interested in teaching Yin, will have the opportunity to practice propping during the posture workshop and final session.

This course will be a mix of Yin practice sessions, pictorial presentation, concept demonstration, discussion and exercises and in depth group work-shopping of postures.

8 – 8.15am – Arrival & registration
8.15 – 10.15am – Yin Yoga Practice & the 3 pillars of Yin theory
10.15 – 11.15am – Free time to grab brunch in the local area
11.15 – 12pm – Welcome circle and introduction to Yin Yoga
12 – 12.45pm – Yin vs Yang Theory & Exploration
1-2.45pm – Anatomy of Yin, including fascia & myo-fascial meridian theory.
3-5.15pm – Workshopping Yin Yoga Postures, alignment, variations & the art of propping and Yin concept exploration – Pain vs discomfort, Fragility,
5.30 – 7pm – Exploration of mindfulness, meditation & Final Yin Yoga Practice.

* * *

Yan is a former UK doctor and radiologist, now yoga teacher, retreat facilitator and teacher trainer. 11 years in the medical field have endowed her with a deep knowledge of the form and function of the human body. She left the medical practice four years ago in search of a more holistic ways of existing, healing, sharing and affecting the lives of others. She has been practicing yoga, various martial and internal arts, self inquiry, mindfulness and meditation for over 16 years and currently lives, breathes and shares this wonderful holistic practice where ever she goes. She truly believes that Yoga, practiced in its totality is medicine for the mind body and soul.

* * *

฿1800 THB
8th Dec 2019
8am – 7pm

See you all on the mat.