Meditation Chiang Mai

Meditation is along with asana and pranayama in one of the core practices of yoga. It is often understood that yoga asana (postures) were developed and practiced as a means to aid and prepare the physical body for long bouts of meditation.

Who can meditate?

Absolutely anyone can mediate and we encourage you to give it a try. Meditation will be difficult for any new practitioner, but with dedication and consistency the true benefits will come the surface and meditation will become a highly enjoyable experience.

There are so many different styles of meditation that there truly is something to suit everyone. If a seated meditation isn’t working for you, try a walking mediation or lie down and use a guided meditation. Recent scientific studies have shown enormous benefits from meditation and they are still discovering more and more about this ancient practice.


Meditation Group

Our Meditation Group is focused towards coming together as a group to help each other stay motivated and focused at working towards starting and maintaining our own personal and enjoyable mediation practice. everyone is welcome to attend this meditation group. no matter whether you have never tried to meditate before and you are curious to try, or if you have lots of meditation experience. the group is about connecting to like minded people and  learning from one another.

one such practice is to start a routine of a short meditation every morning to help you start your day focused, fresh and alert. this may be difficult at the beginning but overtime you will find this to become an enjoyable experience and you may even begin to wonder how you went so long without it.

we also recommend meditation at absolutely any time you are feeling stressed or anxious.

keep your mind healthy!!