My Precious Spine Anatomy Workshop

Sunday 2nd Dec 2019 2-5pm

Join Yan, our doctor, radiologist, and yoga anatomy and teacher trainer for an in depth exploration of the anatomical form and function of the spine in the movement and practice of Yoga.

With this vital piece of knowledge in mind, this workshop will subtly but profoundly shift the way you approach your breath by breath yoga transitions and re-focus your intention to what really matters in each held yoga posture…that is, to create more spaciousness and softness along the spine in order for the breath and energy to flow in with complete ease.

For our asana practice to truly open up the body and bring balance back to our energy channels, we must remain consistent in our intention to expand the spine. Together we will experience what it truly means to ‘reach’, ‘lengthen’ and ‘open up’ the spine with every breath and intention.

As well as a pictorial presentation and hands on group demonstrations, Yan will also workshop and show you the safest and most effective approach to those challenging forward folds, impossible back bends and tight twists.

* * *

Yan is a former UK doctor and radiologist, now yoga and anatomy teacher, retreat facilitator and teacher trainer. 11 years in the medical field have endowed her with a deep knowledge of the form and function of the human body. She left the medical practice four years ago in search of a more holistic ways of existing, healing, sharing and affecting the lives of others. She has been practicing yoga, various martial and internal arts, self inquiry, mindfulness and meditation for over 16 years and currently lives, breathes and shares this wonderful holistic practice where ever she goes. She truly believes that Yoga, practiced in its totality is medicine for the mind body and soul.

* * *

฿900 THB
(฿200 discount for those attending ‘My physical body’ workshop)
Sunday 2nd Dec 2019

– Limited spaces available so book ahead of time!

See you all on the mat.