Private Yoga Classes Chiang Mai

Taking yoga classes privately is definitely a great way to learn and improve your practice. Since you’re the only student, the attention of the instructor is your’s and your’s alone. You’ll have a chance to receiver personal instructions and demonstrations, work on problems areas or bad habits and get plenty of feedback and adjustments from your teacher.

This is less stressful and more effective compared to getting lost in the crowd of a regular class. Private classes also have the added benefit of being able to move at your own pace and stop for discussion or to repeat something if necessary.

Private yoga lessons can be designed to suit your needs.

  • Beginner learning the basics
  • Yoga therapy to help with injuries and illnesses
  • Improving your overall yoga practice
  • Working on specific poses
  • Breaking bad postural habits and reinforcing new ones
  • Calming the mind
  • Learning to modify a practice while healing from injury
  • Developing confidence to practice in group settings
  • Cultivating a therapeutic practice to manage or improve health issues like insomnia or low back pain
  • Tailoring their practice to benefit a sport or profession outside of the studio, such as hip mobility for cycling or complementing triathlon training
  • Deepening meditation practice
  • Enjoying a Small private group class

Private classes offer a chance to really understand more about what you’re practice, and it’s even possible do develop a routine that you can take away with you and use regularly.