Up-coming workshops

Balance your Rainbow; Chakra System Self Love immersion

Would you like to know how the chakra system affects your emotions, decisions, manifestations and overall energy? Are you interested in yoga poses, self care practices and lifestyle choices that help balance your own personal chakra system leaving you feeling balanced and at peace? In Balance your Rainbow; Chakra System Self Love Immersion I will explain:

– history and basic understanding of the chakra system

– asana, pranayama and creative techniques that help balance each chakra

– understanding of yama and niyama in relation to the chakra system

– understanding YOUR OWN chakras and what YOU need to do to order to maintain balance

By the end of this three hour workshop you will be in tune with your own energetic needs. Be prepared to dive deep into yourself with the use of yoga, meditation, journaling and group discussion. I will educate you on the holistic tools you need to maintain your own personal balance. You will know what kind of yoga, breath work, energy healing, self care, mindset and lifestyle choices you need to make in order for YOU to feel balanced. Please join this workshop if you would like to deepen your own energetic self yoga practice or feel depressed, anxious, angry, confused and/or unbalanced.

Be sure to bring a journal to write and take notes.

Time & Date’s – TBA

Investment – 500 Baht


Open invitation to join me for tea after in case any deep emotions arise and you would like the company :). I hope to see have you in class!

Yoga your Dosha; Ayurveda Awareness:

Are you interested in learning about the “sister science” of Yoga called “Ayurveda?” Ayurveda, meaning “life knowledge” in Sanskrit. Ayurveda is the oldest written medical system and has been used for over 5,000 years in India as a daily practice for optimal health. It is a combination of life routine, food, yoga, herbs, astrology, stones and detox techniques that are designed specifically for YOUR body type.

Everybody is unique in their own way. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, and what one individual needs, may not be the same for another. Understanding Ayurveda will help you become more aware of what YOUR body needs in order to feel balanced and healthy.

In my 3 hour Ayurveda Awareness workshop we will go over:

  • YOUR unique Dosha type
  • Nutrition
  • Self Care
  • Morning Routine
  • Ayurvedic Yoga/Pranayama
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Mini Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy consultation with me

Please bring a notebook for journaling and notes.

No experience or previous Ayurvedic knowledge necessary.

Time & Date –  TBA

Investment – 500 Baht

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