Yin Yoga and Meditation 2 day workshop


Welcome to the world of Yin Yoga

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Melt away physical tension, energetic knots and chronic pain with the therapeutic poses of Yin Yoga, Yin Yoga has the same goals and objectives as any other school of yoga. However it is focused on directing stimulation to a much deeper level of the body. By passing the superficial or muscular tissues of the body, Yin Yoga directly affects the body’s deep connective tissues and energetic systems that other styles of yoga miss out on. Targeting these deepest layers of the body allow practitioners to let go of deep layers of stress that can sometimes be embedded deep within the body


Wake up to the power of mindfulness!

Mindfulness is  the practice of simply being in the present moment, observing yourself, and breaking free from the chatter of constant thoughts and negative mental patterns.

The origins of mindfulness come from Buddhist Philosophy, however Mindfulness can be practiced by anyone of any faith or religion and involves training the mind and doesn’t enforce any religious beliefs. Mindfulness skills can be practiced by anyone, whatever their background and deepen human capacity to live more meaningful, balanced and peaceful lives.


This workshop will cover:

  • Introduction and key concepts of yin yoga
  • Introduction and key concepts of mindfulness
  • Yin yoga Practice for healthy hips and spine
  • guided body scan technique
  • Yin yoga and mindfulness combined
  • How to bring mindfulness into everyday life


 Who is this workshop for?

Everyone! Whether you have been practicing for years or you’ve just starting hearing about mindfulness and meditation from friends, you are very welcome to join this workshop. We are working towards understanding ourselves physically and mentally on a deeper and more intimate level which is beneficial to everyone.


Course Date: November 11th and 12th 1-3:30pm each day

5 Teaching hours

1500 Baht per person

please reserve your space by visiting Freedom yoga or contact us via email freedomchaingmai@gmail.com  or visit or contact page