Your Divine Fire 10 Day Intensive Yoga Retreat Chiang Mai

Burn some Walls Down, Fire Up and Live Out Your Dreams! The 10 day Intensive Retreat will be a truly epic journey of experience, empowerment and uplifting positive energy. Your physical body will be challenged in new and engaging ways, as will your mental capacity to create. and you will be guided through a Transformative awakening of Spiritual awareness and Power. Forget your previous ideas and concepts of what a Yoga retreat is, we will be breaking new ground from the very first session, you will have a chance to create new habits that will assist you in cultivating an empowered, enjoyable existence, because Life is truly our greatest gift! and we will of course be having fun while we do it!

chiang mai yoga retreat

Your Divine Fire 10 Day Intensive Yoga Retreat Chiang Mai Thailand

The element of Fire cannot be ignored, with its intense light giving and soothing warmth it ensures survival and creation of all facets of life. Without Fire the drive and fuel behind our motivation to live and create our wildest dreams and imaginations has little or no power. In this 10 day long Fire intensive, students will be given the chance to re-kindle there Spiritual Fire Power that resides at times hidden deep inside, hidden below layers at the depths of ones soul. This will be a call to move into action, to let go of fears, doubts and negative mental patters holing us back from out true potential. As Intense as this all sounds, students will also be given the time, space and appropriate restorative aspects of Yoga to allow re-juvination to flow excessively.

Asana class

The Asana or physical aspects of the course will be taught with Iyengar Yoga principles. The classes will always have a strong focus on the overall Structure, Alignment and integrity of the body. Props such as straps, blocks, bolsters and blankets will be used not only to assist in alignment but to also ensure comfort as well as understanding throughout the poses. Having said this there will be times where we will move more dynamically and freely aiming at producing heat throughout the body, flushing out toxins and creating a sense of freedom. There is no doubt that after the Intensive you will be stronger than before, more flexible than before, feel more stable and balanced and you will have a deep understanding of what to do whilst performing yoga asana to allow transformation to occur. By no means is the Physical or Asana part of the course seen as beneath or less important than the other seated/meditation classes, all aspects of the retreat are equally important.

Restorative/Yin class

These classes will focus on allowing the deep connective tissue in the body to slowly start to release into its naturally more flexible and functional state. With a focus on spending loger amounts of time in yin yoga and restorative poses, we can ensure the body gets the deep release and rejuvenation it needs. these classes should be taken with a slightly more relaxed and light hearted approach. The deep releasing of tension and stress throughout the body will go hand in hand with what we are working towards in the mediation sessions.


Rather than trying to control the breath, we will be looking at allowing the breath to start to control the self. The body must be able to remain still, quiet and light throughout this process of un-doing rather than doing. When we talk about un-doing we start to go into removing layers. Removing layers of conditioning that may have crept up unknowingly that can hold back our true nature and potential. The numerous and somewhat majestic possibilities as well as extreme health benefits overall to the self, will go like a fish to water with being able to Manifest and Create without blockages and with full potential. Various types of Pranayama will be experimented with and demonstrated in a way that students can learn how to perform themselves and grasp the delicate nature of Pranayama in their own practice.

Manifesting Through Meditation

If you have difficulty or have had difficulty, or keep falling short, or are unable to maintain momentum. learning how to manifest and create with a strong attraction is the best possible way to not only achieve goals quickly but to glide through life with the ability to get what you need. This can be with relationships, financially, spiritually, physically or even manifesting for someone else’s benefit. The power to attract positive changes and situations is something that takes practice for most people, there are people who have a natural ease of manifesting and getting what they want at certain times. These classes will not only guide you on how to manifest for yourself they will also give you a deeper understanding of how Energy transfer works and how it can be used to uplift people or groups using the power of directing ones energy. These classes will be fun and set in a group environment, there will be plenty of discussions in these classes with plenty of time for feedback and questions, there will also be numerous games and exercises given throughout. Tools for life will be given with deep and light hearted instructions; we will be accessing these areas through Meditation so naturally there will also be times where we just aim to settle our mind.

Typical daily schedule

Please note scheduele will vary slightly as energy shifts occur.

  • 05:30 Morning gong
  • 06:00 – 08:00 Asana practice
  • 08:00 – 09:30 Breakfast
  • 10:00 – 11:30 Manifesting through meditation
  • 12:00 – 16:00 Lunch and free time
  • 16:00 – 17:30 Asana practice
  • 17:30 – 18:30 Pranayama/Meditation
  • 19:00 Dinner
  • 21:30 Lights out


during your stay you will be treated to the divine energy of the Amavriti Ashram. Every inch of Amaravati was built according to Vastu Vidya, an ancient wisdom of architecture which ensures that the building and environment will have only nourishing influences on its occupants. Amaravati is in perfect resonance between individual life and Cosmic Life, you can rejuvenate, detox and return to balance while being blessed and vitalised by Mother Nature. Surrounded by Lush Jungle, Beautiful Nature and Mountains Mae Rim is truly a gem. The grounds of the ashram are wonderful and green, the silence and stillness really makes you stop and wonder where you are. The ashram is cooling amidst the hot sun and warming through the cold winter nights, the saltwater swimming pool will leave you feeling cleansed from head to toe and the relaxed dining and lounge areas where one can roam give you a perfect setting.


During this retreat, you will enjoy three daily healthy vegetarian meals served in the Ashram dinning hall. the chefs will be putting plenty of love into your meal preparation and you will get a chance to try some the the most famous Thai dishes cooked in authentic and traditional thai fashion.

Who Should Join

everyone is welcome! if you practice yoga, if you meditate, if you workout in a gym, if you lack concentration, if you feel stagnant, if you mix it all together or if your none of the above and something different you will be accommodated for.  the greater the mix of people and personalities the greater the experience.


Meet Your Instructors


Stefan has been a Spiritual Coach for several years, his experience ranges from vast amount of study in the Fitness Industry to furthering development into Yoga and Meditation. Living life to its fullest capacity and empowering others through physical and mental training, Stefan has developed a gift for supporting those who seek guidance. while Applying the theory that the mind is always mightier than matter Stefan incorporates techniques from several schools of yoga to bring the body and mind back to optimal performance and alignment.


Adam Domine

Adams Yoga journey begun with a 200 hour TTC in India where studies into hatha and ashtanga yoga sparked an inner fire that had been lying dormant for years. Adam discovered that yoga not only provided physical and mental benefits that we all know about, but that it also brought a deeper understanding of ones life and purpose. Adam believes that the only true spiritual path in life is being true to yourself and not getting sucked into spiritual development for the hidden benefits of the ego. With this simple and grounded approach Adam draws on a wide variety of techniques such as breathing exercises, guided meditation, physical asana alignment, deep relaxation techniques and mini workshops to make up classes. With further studies into iyengar and yin yoga and regular trips to practice yoga in India, Adams teachings will continue to evolve as he does.


Next Course date: TBA


Engaging Asana Classes

Guided Meditations

in depth Pranayama Practices

10 nights accommodation at the beautiful Amaravati Ashram

3 Delicious healthy Vegetarian meals daily

6 contact hours daily

Investment:  $900AUD or 24,ooo Thai Baht

please reserve your space by visiting Freedom yoga or contact us via email  or visit or contact page